Have You Told Anyone You Need Help Decluttering?

Have you admitted in the last few weeks at any time that you need help decluttering? There are hundreds of people how make it their New Years Resolution each January to get their home decluttered for good, but then come February, they are embarassed to admit that they haven’t even gotten STARTED decluttering! Do you fit into this category? Those piles of junk in your garage, those overflowing bins of forgotten toys in your den, that pantry full of “who knows how far past expiry date” items, that closet bursting with clothes you never wear… yes, you need to do something about the clutter in your house! If you don’t want to be a HOPELESS CLUTTERBUG, you need to declutter fast, before it gets worse! Continue reading “Have You Told Anyone You Need Help Decluttering?”

Decluttering and Organizing: Where Are You Going WRONG?

Is it your goal this year to begin decluttering and organizing your house, and to loose the title of “Hopeless Pack Rat” once and for all? If you have ever seen even one episode of the new TV series called “Hoarders”, perhaps you have been scared into getting some help with decluttering and organizing. Perhaps it even brought you here! If you need help getting properly motivated, if you need some ideas on what it is that stops you from throwing things out, or if you are simply interested in learning about how to quit being that “hopeless pack rat”, then you’ve come to the right place! Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest with yours answers. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself! Continue reading “Decluttering and Organizing: Where Are You Going WRONG?”

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Cluttered Houses

If you’re anything like me, you tend to tell yourself lies about your cluttered home… and as a result, you get rid of the clutter as slowly as a turtle builds a nest. It is time to come clean! Here are 5 lies we let ourselves believe about our cluttered houses. Continue reading “Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Cluttered Houses”

20 Awesome Clutter Organizing Tips!

20 Great Cutter Organizing TipsAre you embarrassed by the state of your house and need some awesome clutter organizing tips? If when your door bell rings your first reaction is to panic at the thought of whoever is there seeing your cluttered and messy house, you certainly do! Having a cluttered and disorganized house when guests come over can be humiliating at best. Solve that problem by implementing a few of these clutter organizing tips: Continue reading “20 Awesome Clutter Organizing Tips!”