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Hey everyone,

I’m Marlaine – the person behind this website. Glad you’ve stopped by!

I’m a busy Stay At Home Mom of two toddlers, so I am definitely NOT ALWAYS winning the war on clutter. I’m fighting it just like you.  With a busy family life, my house often needs a little decluttering and calming of the chaos.

Flashback 7 or 8 years ago.  I was single at the time, living on my own. Clutter was easy to deal with… it was all my own. Then I got married, and my (actually very tidy) husband’s many items joined my own. We eventually figured out a place for everything, and our house was generally organized and neat. Peaceful. Calm. Lovely.

And then we had kids. Two of them. AND STUFF EXPLODED!!! Know what I mean? Kids come so little, but with So. Much. Stuff.

And now that I’m at home all day with them, I have discovered something about myself. I reallllly don’t like a lot of clutter!!!!  It stresses me out. I get “anxious” when the floors and table tops and counters have stuff all over them (par for the course with kids aged 2 and 3).  And decluttering has sort of become a bit of a thing for me now.

My own house is NOT always clutter free. I’m not one of those “just chuck it all out and live minimally” type people.  And I’ll be the first to say there is no easy answer to the question “how do I best declutter my home”.

But there ARE methods that WORK and WORK WELL for most people. We’ll talk about those.  And there ARE tips that I’ve learned, that I’ve used, and that I’ve come to value over time, that will help you, like me, get a handle on the clutter that can drive us wonky.

Thanks for reading! Please, drop me a comment and say hi! And let me know what your greatest challenge in decluttering your house is, and I’ll do my best to cover it!



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