Have You Told Anyone You Need Help Decluttering?

Have you admitted in the last few weeks at any time that you need help decluttering? There are hundreds of people how make it their New Years Resolution each January to get their home decluttered for good, but then come February, they are embarassed to admit that they haven’t even gotten STARTED decluttering! Do you fit into this category? Those piles of junk in your garage, those overflowing bins of forgotten toys in your den, that pantry full of “who knows how far past expiry date” items, that closet bursting with clothes you never wear… yes, you need to do something about the clutter in your house! If you don’t want to be a HOPELESS CLUTTERBUG, you need to declutter fast, before it gets worse!

Almost everyone has a clutter problem of some sorts, you know. Unless she is obsessive-compulsively neat and organized, there is a good chance that the friend of yours with the always immaculate house will have that one junk drawer you’ve never seen where she shoves everything, that one overflowing box of loose photographs that need to be filed someday, or that purse that is bulging with old receipts and unused lipstick tubes. But, she doesn’t stress over the small mess because she has her clutter problem under control! So, what separates the organized from the clutter-bugs? Here are a few hints:

  1. Some people know that creating order in their lives is energizing and confidence building – and they want that badly enough to take action!
  2. Some people have learned the tricks and essentials that are crucial to never again saying “I need help decluttering!”
  3. Some people know how they CAN conquer procrastination!
  4. Some people have acted on the knowledge that it takes a lot less time and energy to declutter even a huge mess than it does to look at those piles of clutter and feel guilty about them day after day, month after month.
  5. Some people know the secret of how they can still keep all the stuff they want, but still have a decluttered home!

Help Decluttering

Where do you want to fit in? The fact that you are reading this article should tell you that you desperately want to bring back order to your house and be part of those “some people” I described. Perhaps it was even your New Years Resolution this year to declutter your home! So… what are you going to do about it? The best advice I can give you is to encourage you to admit that you need help decluttering your home, and then to get you to take advantage of the excellent resources out there that will lead you through the battlefield that is called your house! Fighting a battle alone is tough because the clutter can be a formidable enemy! But, you CAN win!

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