Decluttering and Organizing: Where Are You Going WRONG?

Is it your goal this year to begin decluttering and organizing your house, and to loose the title of “Hopeless Pack Rat” once and for all? If you have ever seen even one episode of the new TV series called “Hoarders”, perhaps you have been scared into getting some help with decluttering and organizing. Perhaps it even brought you here! If you need help getting properly motivated, if you need some ideas on what it is that stops you from throwing things out, or if you are simply interested in learning about how to quit being that “hopeless pack rat”, then you’ve come to the right place! Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest with yours answers. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself!

  • What is a decluttered and organized house worth to you?
  • When did your pack rat days begin?
  • If the clutter is not mostly yours, to whom does it belong?
  • Why do you keep stuff you don’t particularly care for?
  • Was there a certain event that happened in your past that causes you to want to keep an overabundance of things on hand? Does the need still apply today?
  • What percentage of your clutter is actually garbage?
  • What percentage of your clutter is still in good shape but you don’t want it taking up space in your house?
  • If you threw out ____ (name an item that you are debating keeping), would you miss it one week from now? One month from now? One year from now?
  • How much weight does “sentimental value” have in stopping you from decluttering and organizing your house?
  • What could you do with cash that you could get by selling some of your items?
  • Do you know a charity that could benefit from your un-used items?
  • Do you ever use the excuse of saving for emergencies and natural disasters, but have others tell you that you have gone WAY overboard?
  • Are your children ever really going to use or want your childhood items that you have stored for them?
  • What purpose is there in keeping your binders and notebooks from your college days?
  • How would others in your home benefit from your decluttering and organizing your house?
  • Could you find a use for extra space in your house, garage, or kitchen?
  • What lesson are you teaching your children by living so unorganized and in a cluttered house?
  • Is there anything that you would miss about a cluttered house?
  • How long have you been putting off decluttering and organizing your house?
  • What items do you think you own but can’t find?
  • What is the biggest hurdle you have in getting started?

In working through the questions, I hope you highlighted some of the ones that caused you to consider where you could make some changes. My objective with asking you these questions was to assist you in realizing that often we hang onto things for reasons other than real need, real love, or real use. If it’s procrastination that is stopping you from getting started, do something about it today and kick start your decluttering and organizing! Lose that Hopeless Pack Rat image for once and for all.

Happy Decluttering, my friend!  And… check out Declutter Fast.

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